We offer difference kinds of service for import and export from china, such inspection, custom, shipping, payment, etc. Contact us to make your import and export easy.
We can help to you to make the trading with china easy for the financial, we can help you to exchange the payment at higher rate than the bank, we can help you to pay for the suppliers on a safe way.
If you want to enter china market, we are the right partner for you, we can open company for you, find the right workers and marking your goods all over china market in a successfully way.
China is a big market, if you want to invest money in china, we are the best partner for you, we will offer you difference investments proposal in difference field to reach a high profits from china market.
We offer difference design service, we own our design university and there are 1200 designers waiting your design service, we offer complete luxury design solutions.
China is a great and long history country, it is worth for your traveling around china, we can help you to travel all over china on a safe and value way, just contact us and we will let you enjoy the trip in china.
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BBank is the branch company of BISINI group, its aim is to offer clients all over the world difference kinds of service in China. We help all clients to make business with china easy and safe in a success way.

BISINI is an international group companies. We are an operation platform who offer clients a complete solutions of luxurious life. We are prime movers who commit to build the standard of luxurious life.

According to the exact strategic planning, excellent management ability and professional marketing operation, BISINI constantly deepen influence of the brand. Under the unceasing development, we continue to make unremitting efforts for being world-class brand in the near future.